Friday, May 2, 2014

Okay this will be my last post thank God!  This year of college has taught me a lot. I've learned to step outside of my comfort zone by cutting and dying my hair. I've become more comfortable with myself than I've ever been. I'm no longer ashamed to tell people my decision to major in fashion. I don't care what anyone thinks about it like I used to. I've gained so much confidence this year. Not saying I haven't always been confident in myself, but this was a whole different side of confidence. I'm looking forward into having a great summer and hopefully I will have a great fall semester and spring so I can transfer from Richard Bland and move on to bigger and better things.
    So I guess I'll talk about my career decision for a little while since there's nothing else to talk about. ha....
My major is Fashion Merchandising. Many people don't understand why in the world I would chose something that seems more like a "hobby" to be my career choice. They just think that it's not something that would "pay the bills" but life is waaay to short to pick a career that I'm not in love with. I love fashion and everything about it. I love how a simple little fabric can tell you soo much about a person. I believe that what you wear can tell a lot about yourself. Most people don't really understand that. And for the most part I think it's really the area that I live in. Virginia is where most people major in medicine and have their own practices and whatever. No one here really has the courage to step outside of their comfort zone and take risk. I just hope my dreams become my reality so I'll finally one day be able to prove myself right.

So I'm sitting here thinking about something interesting to write about and I don't really have anything interesting to talk about. So I've figured that I would just talk about school and what I plan to do when I transfer from RBC. I have a list of three schools that I'm interested in attending for Fashion Merchandising. VCU,JWU or F.I.T in New York. I feel like VCU will benefit me because it is the school of the arts and it's in state so it's a lot cheaper. But then, I've always wanted to move and leave Va, so that's why I was thinking about Johnson & Wales because it's in a good area ( Charlotte NC) and it's a private  school. But JWU is VERY expensive so idk. I know I'm definitely going to attend F.I.T for graduate school because it's known for fashion, and I feel like it will benefit me the most of all. But I only plan to get my graduates from there. Decisions..


So obviously as you can tell I'm writing all of these blog post last minute. I really didn't have the time to write as much due to my work schedule. Working two jobs and being in college is NO joke. Although I do have two jobs, I do find time to do all of my homework.. just not these blog post lol. I know it seems terrible that I have put these blogs off for a while but I figured my other work was more important than writing an 200+ description on life and school,etc. No offense Sweeney! But you can see that I'm getting them all done now right?! haha

Outside Event

So, I haven't attended an museum at in a while. The last time I've been was two years ago when my family and I went to help my sister for this western civilization class that she was taking. The name of the museum was the "Virginia Museum of Fine Arts" in Richmond. I thought it was pretty cool to go to an actual museum, being that I've always wanted to go to one. It was pretty interesting seeing people just stare and was so amazed at the sculptures and artwork that was pretty much history. At the time, I was a junior in high school so I wasn't that into art but I've always wanted to go to an museum just because I thought it would be fun. However, I was pretty much bored and couldn't wait to go home. Looking back, I wish that I was into art and looking at sculptures as I am now. Although I don't have much time to visit a museum due to my work schedule, I wouldn't mind going because I
know that I would actually enjoy it this time.


         SO, school is basically over for me. I have one more exam, which is today at 1:30. I just can't
wait to be done with school so I can enjoy my summer! This summer should be great. I have two jobs, so I'll have a little extra money to splurge all on myself! Thank God my parents don't make me pay bills like other parents do. The only thing they really make me pay for is gas and anything else
I could buy myself like clothing and shoes, etc. But anyways, yep, I'm sooooooo ready to leave this school! even though I'll be back in the fall lol. I'm just ready to move and start a new life somewhere else where there's much more to do.


                   So in class a view weeks ago, we started to watch a movie called Seven. The movie

was about two differently skilled detectives who become very involved with a serious murder case

with a psychopath killer who plans murders based of the seven deadly sins. The movie interprets the

seven sins to be things that people commit in everyday life. It shows that everyone may commit a sin

and in most cases without even realizing it. This movie really opens your eyes into life and being

careful with the choices you make. The scariest thing about the movie is that this guy just killed

seven people innocent or not because they have sinned.